Why choose a Mini-Split system?

Installing or expanding an existing air conditioning and heating system with its associated ductwork can be a daunting and expensive undertaking. With a mini-split (ductless) system, you benefit from the comfort of central air conditioning and heating in a convenient, economical, energy-efficient package.

Easy to Install

Rather than running additional ductwork through a home or workplace setting, our wall-mounted mini-split units can be installed in as little as an hour using just one small structural hole in the wall. The condenser portion of the system is conveniently placed outside, with lines connecting to the wall-mounted unit. Because this unit is not placed within the home or in a window, mini-split systems offer an extremely quiet cooling option.

Energy Savings

All of our products are designed to be energy efficient, with SEERs (seasonal energy efficiency ratings) that meet and in many cases exceed the governmental standard of 13. Our inverter technology brings the SEER up to 21 while enhancing comfort and minimizing temperature fluctuations. Many of our models have earned the Energy Star® seal, which is recognized as the leading international rating standard for energy-efficient consumer products. We also offer solar models that harness the sun’s energy for even greater savings and environmental protection.

Options to Meet Your Needs

Our mini-split options include a wide range of cooling and heating capacities depending on your needs. If you need to cool multiple zones, several indoor wall-mounted units can be linked to one condenser and operated independently of each other, giving you even greater temperature control.


Warranty on all Kool King systems from date of purchase, one year on all parts plus an additional 4 years on compressor.

Saving You Money

Mini-split systems offer the advantages of central air conditioning without the associated costs. They’re not only designed to be efficient, but they also save money through:

  • Lower installation costs
  • Greater control over individual room temperatures
  • Lower costs on electric bills

Low Noise Airflow System

A large diameter cross-flow fan further minimizes noise by allowing a lower fan speed without impacting airflow volume or capacity output.

Turbo Operation

With this function, the air conditioner will maximize the output of cooling or heating capacity, allowing the room to cool down or heat up rapidly, and attain the desired temperature in the shortest amount of time.


The timer can be set to start and stop at any point in a 24-hour period.


If power is interrupted, the unit will automatically restart with the previous settings when power resumes.

Washable Filter

Allows for easy cleaning, ensuring maximum operating efficiency.

Two-Way Piping Connection

For greater installation convenience, connective piping and drainage hosing can be attached to the left or the right side of the indoor unit.

Low Ambient Cooling

This built-in kit allows the air conditioner to be used in temperatures as low as 5˚F (-15˚ C) for cooling.

Model No. MPN6-12CRN1-BH9 MPN1-12CRN1-BH9
Cooling Capability Btu/h 12000 12000
W 3517 3517
EER Btu/W.h Btu/h/w 8.9 8.9
EER w/w w/w 2.6 2.6
Heating Capability Btu/h - -
Heating Capability Input W - -
Air Flow Volume m3/h 420 438
Air Flow Volume CFM CFM 247 257
Noise Level dB(A) 56/55/53 57.8/55.9/54.3
Power Supply V~, Hz, Ph 115, 60, 1 115, 60, 1
Power Input (W) Cooling 1350 1340
Heater - -
Operating Current (A) Cooling 11.9 11.9
Unit Dimension mm (WxDxH) Millimeter 430x360x707 430x338x707
Unit Dimension inch (WxDxH) Inches 17x14-3/16x27-13/16 16.9x13.3x27.8
Packing Dimension mm (WxDxH) Millimeter 492x402x880 492x402x880
Packing Dimension inch (WxDxH) Inches 19-3/8x15-13/16x34-5/8 19.4x15.8x34.6
Net/Gross Weight kg Kg 265/30 29/32.5
Net/Gross Weight lbs LBS 64/72 63.8/71.5

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